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 Brief Introduction of Liyuan Theater

Liyuan Theater is the first teahouse-style theater in Beijing. Since its opening on October 8, 1990, 17 years have passed. Except the New Year’s Eve, performances of Beijing Opera will be given everyday.
When evening comes, foreign visitors will gather here, drinking bowl tea, listening to authentic Beijing Opera and having a feel of the pleased life of “Old Beijing citizens”. Here, you can also watch actors put on make-up, take a group photo with them, and even try costumes or draw facial make-up. Such experience and interactions will give customers all-round feelings of novelty.
The theater is a place for performance co-funded by Qianmen Hotel and Beijing Opera Theater. Through strategic alliance and the medium of Beijing Opera culture, they have built a stage for Beijing Opera to walk towards the world. On the stage, many masters of Beijing Opera as well as famous actors and actresses have given performances; generations of new actors and actresses have been cultivated, either taking the role of young female, male, painted face or clown. The theater has won successively seven years the title of “Best Place for Evening Activities”.
Nowadays, “climbing the Great Wall, eating roasted duck and watching Beijing Opera” have become a must for foreign visitors to Beijing. It is estimated that one in ten foreign tourists will have the experience of watching Beijing Opera in “Qianmen”